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The upgrade

I was in a panick today. I took some time during my lunch break to dismantle my laptop and install some memory. Gawd! you just can't imagine how slow my machine is when I try to use Illustrator or Photoshop. So, I'm pulling out the processor the way the instructions indicate (pull upward on the plastic tab, and it just won't budge. I excert a bit more strength in a gradual manner, carefully not to force anything out of place. I mean, what if I simply forgot to unscrew a screw and that's the reason the processor won't budge. Eventually I got it to fly out, but not without a loud SNAP. Nothing seemed broken, however, so I installed my memory and tried to put humpty dumpty back together again.

I get nothing when I flick the power switch. I tell myself that it is the battery. I had problems starting my laptop once when I completely drained the battery and not even plugging my machine into an electric outlet would get it going. Sources on the Internet said this is common and the laptop would need to recharge for several days. Heh, they were right.

When I get home from work, I tell myself that I would trouble shoot the problem first by re-installing the old memory chip. Chances are that loud SNAP probably resulted in something that should've been avoided. When I install everything the way it was before and try to start her, I get nothing. Panick!

I scrutinize everything and for the life of me can't identify anything out of the ordinary (broken). The only solution is that the processor must be re-inserted into place secure enough so that it isn't so easily pulled out. That idea seemed logical because putting humpty dumpty back together again seemed just too easy, and the processor was just sliding out like butter when I began the troubleshooting stage. I figure I've been dismantling and re-assembling so many times that a little excerting on the processor to get it back into its bedding would probably be the least of my worries right now. I try is and low and behold I sense that it [processor] did indeed need to be place that much further into its position. I re-assemble, nervous as hell, and start up my laptop. Huzzah.


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