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Last Fri, after lent, I had myself ham & cheese on sour dough bread

Some people believe that it's okay to eat meat on friday's after lent, as long as you don't do it on Good Friday. I was brought up the old fashion way in that one should sacrifice something or another until Easter, but I was never very effective at sacrifices. I've never kept a New Years resolution, and never made one for that matter.

This is just to point out that the calendar is missing an 8th day of the week. After all, do people still subscribe to the idea that god created the world in seven days? That's like believing that Christ will return and suffer the same cruel punishment for our sins (whipped and nailed to the cross) as he did centuries ago.

The legislative sector of government know that when it was discovered that the yearly calendar was faulty and the transition from Julian to Gregorian eventually was adopted, the days of the week remained in sequence. In other words, one day it was Wednesday, September 2, and the next day it was Thursday September 14, 1752. Eleven days. I know, ironic.

Nobody thought to adjust the days of the week too so that the eleven days subtracted from the calendar would compensate the missing days of the week. Wednesday 2 Sept 1752 should've been followed by Monday 14 Sept 1752. If you think that's interesting, take a gander at what the church is up to next.

An article appeared in the Los Angeles Times concerning the L.A. Marathon that traditionally was started in March. Apparently, this time of year is one of the busiest for religion and they made their opinions known by demanding that the L.A. Marathon be changed to a day other than Sunday. Well, they got their wish at the expence of joggers by postponing the marathon later in the year. Some people think this is ludicrous considering the weather in L.A. becomes unbearable around May.

Sara Catania makes a good point in her article I'd rather be running on March 1, 2009. It seems to me that god and religion has slowly enlightened me to believe that god is within. Or, the temple of god is the host to heaven, or some shit like that. What I'm trying to getting at is, who the fuck cares if, one day out of the year people can't find their way to mass because of street closures? for god's sakes, it isn't as if Easter falls on the day of the marathon every year. Think about the people in Mexico who do penance by making their way to church crawling on their knees. I saw a lady once, in my youth, doing just that as other church goers passed her by at twice the walking speed. A casual hello, or blah blah blah, who knows, I was too young to understand adult chitter chatter at that age, and people went on their way. One couldn't offer to help an old woman performing such a feat.

That is quite old fashion, I know. Or maybe it's still done. I dunno. I haven't been to Mexico in years. The point I'm trying to make is the church's disregard for health. They obviously take the stance that one should be well prepped before making an attempt to run in a marathon, or don't run at all. Or, go ahead and run and have a heart attack; you have no one to blame but yourself.

Well, you know what? This year the meat market isn't going to suffer between lent and easter because people stop buying as much meat due to lent. I'm going to eat as much red meat as my heart desires.,0,4746211.story
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