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Turbulent measures in the age of standard letters

I'm really hopeing to find something useful in the area of programming with Rebol language in this crazy blog I've been keeping secret called Designer's web dot blogspot.* Meanwhile, I don't know why I just can't seem to find interesting stuff like this on lj, but then again, who says it will be constructive to my objective in learning Rebol. Hmn… maybe lj is more of a blog site catered for a writer's perspective. There isn't much I've written in my public blog lately. I seem to clam up for the same reasons that peeps might make the blog private. That sucks. It's like a whole new approach to censorship, I guess. I can't even be anonymous to my closest friends because they know who I am on lj.

I've been very carful in my opinions about ΛПΛ ﻮคгςเค and a few other noteable peeps whom I must refrain from mentioning. I've been watching NBC as my favorite network. I sat thru their recent 60 anniversary telecast and when I'm just within earshot of the TV, while cooking or paying my bills online, I'll usually have my TV on 4. Unaware that The office would be airing a rerun, I kept the TV on from 7PM to 11:15, as I noticed that one of the commercials plugged one of ΛПΛ ﻮคгςเค'$ investigative reports on location in L.A for the 11 o'clock telecast. I wish I could get more people to voice their opinion over whether she might benefit from an increase in her viewers count by wearing glasses à la Tina Fey. I know ΛПΛ ﻮคгςเค wears corrective lenses because I've seen her wear glasses on the air.

I dunno. It just seems, this being the technological/information age, that glasses are sexy. Tina Fey managed to achieve that factoid in her SNL skits as a newscast anchorwoman. With this new radical text engine for manipulating the ways in which computers display any spelled word: 4n4 94r(!4, I might be impelled to pour my soul out to the world about 4n4 94r(!4. My favorite parts of the 6 o'clock news is when the 5 o'clock news is about to end and they give us viewers a glimpse of what's to come at 6. That's when 4n4 94r(!4 recites a synopsis of the news; that, and when she's out on the field reporting from various Los Angeles neighborhoods. There's something very appealing about the way she moves that trimmed body of hers that makes my feet buckle at the knee.

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