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Nine's Academy Awards

Pfft, who cares? One of the things I still do on my own is select the movies I want to see. There is a certain amount of pride one feels when the Oscar nominations come around and we learn that one or two of the flicks we went to go see is being considered for an award. It was sad to see that CK wasn't up there in that list, and when Spielberg walked up to the mike and began to spew, I asked myself, "Is it worth seeing CK or NK being recognized if they have to make a film with Spielberg?

Screw that. It's like sitting thru the Emmy's hoping that one of the bands performing will be Lamb of God, or Slayer; or sitting thru the superbowl hoping the same thing. It's never gonna happen.

I can't say why I didn't go see Nick & Nora's infinite playlist when it was out in theaters. Maybe because it was catered toward a younger audience. I just finished watching it for a second time on DVD. The moment I'd heard described by the leading actors the difficulty of filming on location, at night, in New York city, I knew I had to own this flick.

I felt the same way about Milk, and I still plan to see that movie (when it eventually finds it's way onto cable). There's something about films that make their way onto my cable channels which lose their attractiveness. Recently, Direct TV awarded me with three months of Showtime for being such a devoted customer. Hah! if they only knew me better. The United States of Tara is a gem of a sitcom. What's funnier than watching a woman light her farts on fire with a cigarette lighter? Gawd. It's sexy too.

I read a book this weak. I can't remember how I learned about it, but it isn't a recent release. It's been out for quite some time and somewhere I read about Martin Scorsese's next film project and the controversy over what it will be called. It will be an adapted screenplay from the Dennis Lehane novel Shutter Island. I say I can't remember how I learned about this book because I don't research movie productions on a regular basis just to narrow down what's good to read. Somehow, I managed to search out something to the effect of [keyword] PSYCHOLOGICAL TORMENT and Scorsese came up. The book is fantastic and I can't wait to see how the censors handle the "N" word in this story.

The use of the "N" word seems to be more taboo than just saying "fuck". In fact, one of the things I like about lj is that the people here aren't so uptight about spelling out f-u-c-k, but replace that word with nigger and, unless you fall under that category, you might as well consider yourself labeled prejudice.

Is it me, or do others see the linquistic parallels of the word described as a leading media controller: news, with the word noose?

Nick & Nora is refreshingly honest. Nick is an adolescent who just broke up involuntarily with his gf. BTW, who really cares if I spoil this film for you, I could never successfully describe the antics that take place in the growing pains of reaching adulthood the way the actors do in this film. O.K., one clumsy, guitar wielding, skinny guy seems not to know that his gf had been cheating one him, get this, for six entire months. Are we supposed to swallow that? Then there's the special features which include a music video by Bishop Allen. I can't help but spot the guy dressed as Where's Waldo in this video as possibly being the leading character of this story in real life.

In comes a perky peer from school who manages to bend all social standards by starting a rumor, that she is dating the naive guy who likes to play pocket pool, directly in the face of his ex-gf. Are we expected to believe she didn't know what she was saying to her friend's friend about her ex-boyfriend? Not if we're going to take my perspective of Nick's position; after all, Nora does admit to Nick in the film that she knew he liked the band "Where's fluffy", or is that "Where's flufdy?"

Personally, Kat Dennings is by far more sexier than her supporting actress Alexis Dziena, but people are quick to disgard emotions and Michael Cera pulls off the love fool like nobody I've ever seen before. He's the man who may be seen as playing pocket pool with his long skinny arms, but he's the guy who portrays a man that knows the girl he's in love with is cheating on him and doesn't care—like the movie Adaptation

DONALD: Oh, God, I was so in love with her.

KAUFMAN: I know. And, and you were flirting with her and she was being really sweet to you.

DONALD: I remember that.

KAUFMAN: And then when you walked away she started making fun of you with Kim Canetti. And it was like they were, they were laughing at me. I mean… you didn't know at all. You seemed so happy.

DONALD: I knew. I heard them.

KAUFMAN: Well, how come you were so happy?

DONALD: I loved Sarah, Charles. It was mine, that love. I owned it. Even Sarah didn't have the right to take it away. I can love whoever I want.

For those people who hold the fantasy to be a singer song writer in their hearts, this film should not be missed. For those guys who knew they were with a girl who was too good for him, this is another movie that shouldn't be missed. People who've only lasted as long as 6 months in a relationship, this films for you. If those people are anything like me, they'll find a way to feel a jilt in their heart somewhere in this funny, funny flick.

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