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Saving my money for another nerd device

Another freaking upgrade? I haven't been posting in my blog mainly because I've had to troubleshoot my Internet wireless signal. Apparently, my computer's Wireless Network adapter is not 802.11(n) compatible [whatever that means]*. So here's an interesting read describing how to go about boosting your airport signal if your laptop has an intel dual core chip NOT an intel dual 2 core chip.

The good news is that this minor set back in web surfing using free coffee wifi has got me fixing a lot of minor Opera settings. Plus, I also found a solution for my airport showing a weak signal and dropping the connection from time to time. I'm testing it for the first time today, but all I did was turn off IPv6. The server support department told me that IPv6 isn't really going to kick in until 2012, so I have plenty of time to look into that Atheros chip set, or even consider buying a new laptop altogether.

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