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February 14th is a real drag for me. It's not been a good day for me since grade school when religion really didn't matter to people. Now it's like any other day, or worse. Thinking back, it was only one year that I remember enjoying the gift giving process. After that, it became more of a catholic event more than anything else.

I had to work today. I discovered that the transition to fiber optic has already been completed. So, since I hadn't noticed any real difference, I decided to visit an old site that I recall having to wait a long time for buffering to end. I can't believe Chi-Chian is still up.

Saturdays are usually a slow go day. Today wasn't any different. I tracked thru two boxes of donations, did my share of customer service, readied one new book and fumbled my way thru before the wifi started to act funny (just like it's doing now, in fact, in my own house) DAMN! so it is my computer!!

I keep forgetting that Valentine's Day is really an important day to some people even if I'm such a scrooge about it every year. How can I put this lightly? I can't. Blonds suck because they're christian and I'm catholic. And before we go meeting halfway agreeing that Christ is our mutual belief, I'm kind of reluctant to disregard all the saints. In fact, before I pray to Christ, I might as well go all out and say I would pray to a saint first. So, seeing that Val's Day was two minutes ago, I stop my ranting just long enough to say, most of the attractive pisces I've met happen to be blond, but it seems the converting criteria over religious beliefs does not let me open my heart to other people. That's why I tell everybody I'm looking for a nice red headed catholic.


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