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'hərdē ̩gərdē Somebody told me that German surnames can always be defined as a work trade (if the family name is not jewish). There's been so much comparison with the previous administration's similarities to Nazis, I thought I would try to figure out what "Hitler" represented. However, because he was so disliked after the war, I imagined his name had to be struck from all books and never mentioned like in the roman days. Then there's also his nationality being Austrian. Whether or not German surnames derived from Austria are considered German was not specified to me. I looked up the word "hit" in German which means to hit, in English; but also can be abstractly used as in CD tracks that become bit hits. I then tried to look up "ler" but the nearest I got was "Leier" which is a musical instrument called a lyra, in English.

I really hate torturing you all by uploading this attempt to learn the song Golden Slumbers on my guitar, but according to some of the laws which were passed last year on torture, mental abuse is totally acceptable in the U.S. since there's no real indication of long term bodily damage. So without further adieu, me.


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