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I'm just going to take the time to dog ear these three news sources for reading reference tomorrow. The first one is a link from Print Magazine about Frank Shepard Fairey. It takes this kind of high profile news to really motivate me to research† blogging sites on bloggers v. the first amendment type of stuff. Along those lines, I'm anxiously awaiting the release of "Nothing but the truth", a film about a journalist who is tried for not revealing her source in a news column and incarcerated for such a long time, consumers of news publications began to forget about her. Sad. It's scheduled for Feb. 26, 2009, but perhaps there will be a limited release a few days sooner.

Before the Fairey copyright infringement accusations came to light, there was a lot of interest in his poster. I recall interviews and comments about various organizations wanting to make his poster of Prez Obama the icon for change. Obviously, if this hadn't come to pass, I'm certain that the accusations would never have occurred. Isn't it ironic? AP news takes the time to express their position* on the matter.,guid,aaf86b92-7b8e-40c8-aa2c-501f9753dc6d.aspx
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