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The think different thinking process

What is up with my thought process? In the last couple entries, I described my enthusiasm of teaching myself a simple Beatles song on my guitar. It's a rare thing because I just don't find as much time to play as I would like. So when I do get into the zone, I make every effort to take advantage of it.

Coming home from work, I'm anxious to get started with dinner because I know it's going to take a long time. BTW, my bar-b-q salmon was marvelous with the soaked in rain mesquite chunks which give the food a smokier flavor, though it takes longer to cook. Anyway, I'm pulling into my drive way and get out of the car to open the gates. I'm so rushed squish my third finger right dead center of my fingernail. Why do I do this to me? I know full well that I will be needing that finger to finish learning "Golden Slumbers". Is it because I can't stand that song anymore that I did this to myself.

Don't get me wrong. My finger is still attached. My fingernail is not blackened and will not fall off. The pain is minimal to the touch. I'm typing this entry with all my fingers with no trouble at all. This has happened before. I'm in the zone, trying to learn "Rock n roll all nite" or "Mean man" or some other tune and wham! I smash one of my fret-hand fingers against something. Ouch! Then what I do is I take a break from practice and another huge gap evolves between the time it takes me to find the zone again.

I skipped practice today. I didn't do much. It took two hours to cook my fish and later I sat to watch Get smart on DVD. I wanted to rewrite one of the quotes by Clay S. Conrad in a Sutterlin script with shadows in their strokes, but I'm already getting tired. If I wake up early, I'll see about getting some guitar practice in before and after work. I sound horrible.

I can make out a small contusion on my finger nail. I guess if I ever became good enough to land a paying gig, I'd probably end up like Tommy Iommi. I think this kind of thing happens to me because I believe that I come up with better concepts when I draw with my left hand, though I'm right handed. This is something to do with "Drawing from the left side of your brain". So if that's true, I imagine that song writing would come easier to me if I composed right handed.


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