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Rocket stove b-que

It works pretty good. I picked up some fish at Costco. I never knew salmon could be so humongous. Dang. The first batch of fish, on day one, didn't come out so good. I mean they were fully cooked, but they didn't taste nearly as good as I've tasted salmon before. Next day, I tried a basic marinade of olive oil, lime juice, a bay leaf, salt pepper, onion and garlic. I'm so happy with the turn out, I can see myself cooking fish on a regular basis. The whole purpose of finding a hibachi sized grill (rocket stove) is so that I could cook some fish outdoors and not stink up my house with that fishy smell. In that respect, the small little makeshift stoke works wonderfully. I don't use dried twigs or brush for fuel since I'm cooking directly on a grill and that sort of fire would blacken my food with soot. Instead, once I have the fuel chamber hot enough, I place mesquite coals inside and wait for the stove to get hot enough before placing the fish. That reminds me, I gotta pick up some oranges
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