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Regrettable things unlike blistering fingers

I always felt that the grade level 1 piano book of Beatles tunes would be valuable in my attempt to learn to play guitar. I mean, the Beatles did consist of three guitar players. So I've started teaching myself the song "Golden Slumber" which isn't in the music book I have, but found a tabular copy on-line. There's only so many times a riff can be repeated before the song itself just starts sounding awful, despite the improvement after every try. I'm thinking, before the weeks end, I'll have the first stanza complete, and although I find myself singling along once or twice, I'm only doing this to limber my fingers. Beatles songs are only good for converting into thrash metal versions.

I thought this weekend would be ideal for me to catch up on my DVD project of burning copies of the 6 o'clock news but that project has turned out to be too tedious. WTF am I expected to do with so many discs after I've accumulated each episode of NBC4's broadcast. Ridiculous. I'm going to have to pull the plug on that little venture and just live with myself after I end up regretting it later. C`la vie. In a gadda da vida.

Back in the 80's there was a recording studio that released a bunch of medleys and one of the was called a Beatles' medley by stars on 45. I didn't know that was a "disco" label, but I couldn't help but enjoy that medley every time I heard it on the radio. There was a long version and a short version. One of the two contained "She came in thru the bathroom window" and "Golden slumber" although I think I recall hearing these songs played back to back directly after the medley. Those were strange days. I'm kinda glad I was never able to find a downloadable copy of Stars on 45's medly of the Beatles. If I wanted to visit memory lane, I would be better off finding a copy of "The flock of seagulls".

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