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I don't think I caught Underworld 1 & 2, and I only thought to go see this flick because of the name "Lykens". Yes, that's how I decide which movies I go see. I also have a thing for Fenris wolf; So, a film about wolves battling it out with vampires is something I want to see. Vampires are so feminine with their neatly combed hair, shiny canine fangs and victorian behavior.

The plot is ok, the music is good, and a couple of the actors are favorites whom happened to be in memorable films like Frost/Nixon and The girl in the café. Normally, I stay away from vamp films because I don't like to squint just because it's night time and the majority of scenes take place at that time. Would it even make a difference if the director did something to the scenes so that the vampire's POV had a neon effect? After all, a few scenes I can recall contained POVs of the werewolf Lucian's, and everyone knows dogs/wolves are color blind. Yet there was plenty of red for blood in those scenes.

I don't know if I missed anything by not having seen the first two installments of Underworld flicks. Heh, one of the character's voice, Raze, reminds me of the narration of the rock opera "Genius", or the voice of Xerxes from 300. I guess smoking tobacco wasn't invented back in those days, so there really wasn't any pressure on Patrick Tatopoulos in auditioning a cast of a raspy voice actors.

Did I walk away from this movie a satisfied consumer? I guess. I can't complain. I'm only going to these flicks to use up my employees club discount coupons. There's still a couple trendy little hang-outs at Glendale's Marketplace, but sadly all the kids that hang out there are b-a-b-i-e-s. The only interesting trailer before the movie was for WATCHMEN. I hope they had a decent lighting crew for this upcoming filming due in March. I can't stand movies in which i have to squint to figure out what I'm looking at, but I shouldn't be so quick to dismiss squinting because I also enjoy flicks that make me squint in bewilderment at WTF a movie is going. The CGI effects that show a werewolf morphing into a monster is way cool. Now if the screenwriter can figure out how to solve the mystery of getting clothes back on the human form after the werewolf turns back into a man, rather than having Raze coming to the rescue with his manly voice and a cape, the advent of taking out one's anger by grossly chopping up vampires àla Hannibal style would be a sensation.

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