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Lady with the English accent. I feel. your anger. In fact, I'll go as far as to side with you on this point. I'll tell you a secret. There's been a crack down on the quantity of errors that us lower clerks are committing on the job, and as a result we are given an extra task for every circumstance that arises. Where the "hold shelf" books are concerned, we're expected to process all incoming material and stop halfway through (after they've all been entered into the computer system as having been received.) Why, you ask? Well, our work is subject to inspection by our supervisors. This process takes awhile. So, while our work is being scrutinized, your books are sitting around some where they have no business being. I'll tell you why this matters, but believe me, it's complicated.

Say you visit (the place where I work) to pick up some items you've requested delivered from a difference location. You come up to the counter and say, I'm here to pick up my stuff. We ask for a name and we look you up on the shelf containing items awaiting pick up. If you're item is not on that shelf, 95% of the time, the clerk assisting you will not double check your account to verify that all your stuff has been picked up. Meanwhile, the stuff sitting in the back awaiting authorization from a supervisor to continue the receiving process just sits there.

Not only that! You claim you were NEVER notified about new items that had come in for you. Well here's a bit of substantial evidence to your plea. I believe, if the books waiting in the back were part of the books you were here to pick up, your case is sound. it is an easily proven fact that the automated system does NOT call to leave a customer a message for each and every item that arrives if they happen to have been received by your local branch on the same day. Would I be willing to testify, you ask? Well, if it would get this monkey off my back about the manner I execute my data entry, absolutely.

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