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Hurrah? I get to work tomorrow

Learned that customizing my blog by selecting S2 is for html novices, and if I truly think I can find my way around html/css docs, I should be using S1. But when I first started playing around with customizing, I thought S1 was the limited format, and S2 had all the features. Go figure.

      I get to work tomorrow. How fun. How wonderfully fun! I managed to finish up my shopping. All I need is some paper to wrap stuff in, but truthfully, I owe it all to my new friend, Diane. Any other year, I would`ve let x-mas pass me by. Just call me Ebeneezer Scrooge.
      I told her the gift I got from work. I said to her that I`d save it for her when she manages to stop by for a visit. I just bought a copy of my personal fav DVD — Simpatico. So if beer and movie isn`t enticing for a cozy day alone, I don`t know what is. So, please excuse me while I blow my brains out.
      I`ve been spending so much time with her these past few weeks, I don`t have time to do the stuff I normally do. You know, sulk.
      So Diane should get all the credit for the psycho shopping expedition we went on yesterday. Nothing, not even the brief, short lived happiness I got seeing Ana in July, would`ve motivated me into observing this fucked up holiday. You know what I heard on the Indie station 103.1FM? They`ve been playing a healthy amount of holiday songs, and one of them, though in good taste as far as METAL goes, contained these lyrics: "Have a merry mother-fuckin` christmas." Although the "f" word was blanked out, thas was almost too ridiculous to not swear off that radio stations for good. WTF?

      I like how lj`s spell check recommends the proper spelling for "fuck". J

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