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Wednesday 21 Jan 2009

I do not understand what it is I am being asked to do at work.

Suddenly there seems to be a grand investigation over who it is that is committing so many errors in the work place.

While I was tending to my work, the manager walked behind the circulation desk with another "comrad", whom to my knowledge was off the clock one hour ago. They had been standing at the cash register trying to figure out a new form which they are having the employees fill out every time a we take in money. I had already taken the desk for one shift, so I was feeling a little bit more confident about what I was supposed to do.

The previous day, a meeting was held. Most of the immediate staff was present. We were instructed that the supervisors would be cracking down on the mistakes. We were told how to handle daily work duties like the data entry forms which would be inspected by a designated supervisor. It all seemed simple enough, though cumbersome. I mean, obviously the management just has no idea of how busy it can get in the are of P.R. when we're having a busy day.

So, the ironic thing is, as I'm working, the manager asks one of the new employees to pick up the slack in customers that are forming a line. She takes the customer's membership card and scans it. Nothing pops up. She asks for assistance, either from the manager, or from the co-worker who happened to be working overtime (it seemed). Eventually both of these co-workers began scrutinizing the membership card to find the flaw. When they'd asked the customer about the card, the customer said they just got it not five minutes ago. I put in that I still had some applications that I was working on and asked for the customer's name. I looked her up and found that I had indeed partially processed the application so that no hold up would occur. When I peeked over at the computer station where the new employee was sitting, I noticed that the cursor was in the wrong field for scanning membership numbers.

So who's checking who?

Please tell me I'm not being a spoiled brat. My understanding, by what was covered in the meeting yesterday, was that all applications would be handed to our appointed supervisor for checking, but all of a sudden the manager is jumping the gun. She is telling me that I need to try to complete the application regardless of a build-up in customers. I could feel the hostility, because now the changes begin and I haven't even committed an error yet. The boss is telling me that I've done nothing wrong, but I'm trying to explain that I've never had complaints from management about the way I've handled data entry.

In a nutshell, the boss is telling me that things are going to change in that the process for handling applications for data entry need to be executed in such a way as to create a line of waiting customers. I say that I get nervous and jittery when I start seeing a long line and the boss says, that's fine. I repeat that the long lines may be fine to her, but it doesn't solve the irritable way my nervous system begins to tremble and commit errors.

If this was about finding the employee with the most errors, then wouldn't you think that I would be allowed to continue doing things the way I've always managed to get my job done as long as I followed their stupid new rules about reporting to our appointed supervisor? My shift wasn't even over and my boss calls me into the office.

I ask if I'm being reprimanded because if I was, I need to have a representative present. She says no. I say I'm feeling very sick right now and that it's only getting worse the more my boss tries to reason with me about how I'm supposed do my job slower/faster so that I become more nervous as I perform my job duties, but of coures, try to tell her that I'm not understanding what she is trying to explain and that the more she goes over it with me, the more I feel like soiling my pants in front of her, in her nice office, doesn't register. She raises her voice in an attempt to force what she is saying into my head and that I am not really sick and that I cannot go home and that I would see that if I would allow her to explain. I ask if she is a doctor. No answer. She pulls out a file with papers in it and says I'm not so perfect as to not be making mistakes. I say this sounds like I'm being reprimanded. She says fine. Leave. Call your representative. If you want to go there, we'll go there!!! I ask her if she's mad. She says yes.

The end

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