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What's different, please?

Heh.. today I go round asking peeps if they feel any different now that Barack is prez. Why's everyone pronouncing Barack bah´rock? Just when I was getting use to the rules of pronounciation being something like, bah´rock is spelled Barrack, everything is turned topsy-turvy. WTF?! Killer is not pronounce Kyler, sunny isn't pronounced soony, there is a major difference between corespondent and correspondent. I'm not going to get into this since I'm no linquistic expert. I'm just saying, bay´rock sounds a lot easier to spell.

A major change has indeed taken place at work. The gestapo dropped in to tell us that we will each be checking our own work, double checking it, then handing it over to somebody with supervisory responsibilities to further check our work before we will be allowed to procede in completing everyday chores. Everyday tasks that use poor workerbees must do include shipping and receiving BOOKS, receiving and shipping BOOKS, receiving payments for BOOKS, data entry of BOOKS and public relations with people who read BOOKS. Now, starting tomorrow, duties will include shipping BOOKS, receiving BOOKS, receiving BOOKS, shipping BOOKS, receiving payments for BOOKS and writing down every remote detail pertaining to the transaction, including who made the payment, what amount payment is made for, account number, date, whether payment was cash, check, type of payment (fine, fee, purchase, BOOK). It doesn't seem to matter to the gestapo that all this information was improved upon with such business machines as cash registers & computers, we have to jot it all down in long hand. Now I'm scheming a way to back up all this pertinent data onto floppy so that I don't have to freak out in front of customers when I have to clear their account on the 'puter, ring up their payment on register, find writing instrument and use form to write account number, name, total $, type transaction, etc. All these changes are devised to fill in gaps of time.

The gestapo was really nice, however. The gestapo kept apologizing for having to take such measures. Sorry. Sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry for having to interrupt you while you scan the barcode of one item while I check that item against the imformation on the database, then hand that item to you at my discretion (when I see that you've run out of things to do) so that you can do what it is you do with the item after you have finished scanning it.

  1. Get floppy
  2. Stick floppy in disk drive
  3. Execute trial run
    1. Pull up customer
    2. Press [print screen]
    3. Open WP
    4. Paste RAM to file
    5. Save file as "ca-ching"
  4. Examine trial run
  5. Brainstorm improvements
  6. Figure out how to pull up Excel in PR 'puters
  7. Use laser scanner to scan customer I.D. number
  8. Save Excel doc as "ca-ching"
  9. Look over shoulder
  10. Listen to demon's advise
  11. Pretend you didn't hear anything
  12. Pop floppy out
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