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Which violin is the stratovarius? a wartime trade

Come on Eileen was more of a perky tune about over active hormones, but it takes real talent to bring back the essence of a song that only managed to reach the top 100 in 1983. What I like most about this song is the way the violin solo is built up by what I consider a very long multi-stanza introduction. Gasoline seemed to have more audience support than Some time around midnight in the war of the late nite shows. I love the way the crowd begins to wail in support of that violin solo that sounds so much like Come on Eileen. Compare that to the more popular Some time around midnight, and it's obvious that the slow start of Calder Quartet's prelude results into a gradual increase of intensity. I find myself following along with the lyrics while clenching my fist tighter and tighter. This is truly a West Coast meets East Coast line-up. Screw Country music.

I find myself wishing I had learned of this new band, and their big hit, so that I could've memorized the lyrics to Some time around midnight so that I might've sung along at a live performance somewhere here in their home town, damn it. Who memorizes lyrics to songs they've never heard before? Maybe Steve does, but I'm more selective than that. Considering this song is part of the soundtrack in a dreamworks movie, I'm surprised I'm still planning on downloading it as soon as I upgrade my version of iTunes. It would've been nice, though, to have been a part of the audience when this new band was barely coming into light. I honestly hope they don't dwindle away because it's their lyrics that have me listening over and over again to the same two songs. I got home at 6:30 and haven't stopped replaying Midnight and Gasoline on my TiVo.

I tried to download the CD on my computer but received a notice that iTunes must be upgraded first. Just as I was about to click [download], I actually contemplated only downloading Gasoline when I notice that Some time around midnight received more downloads by others than Gasoline. Because I'd never heard any other songs from A.T.E. besides Gasoline, I decided I would wait until I got a hold of the complete CD before I subjected myself to only a minute clip of iTunes' teaser. I knew I would like it.

Well, last night the AIRBORNE TOXIC EVENT perform on the The late show with David Letterman, with special guest The Calder Quartet. As the song progresses, I can't help but tighten my fist to the point that my fingernails dig into my flesh as though they might puncture through my skin. Blame the cat for this unique talent of grasping things with my clasping hand. The Calder Quartet performs like true champs alongside the new band. I'm truly curious to know what else Calder Quartet has released, now that I've developed a new found appreciation for quartets.

I still feel that Some time around midnight is not as good as Gasoline, but that's only because I have the leggy version performed on Last call with Carson Daly, which I've decided to burn on DVD for safe keeping. Am I alone in feeling Some time is an ode to the homeless? I wonder sometimes about the homeless people that beg for spare change. How did they get to the point of being alone in the world? This song certainly puts things in perspective for me. It's apparent that one man's conviction of a last wish to see his love is one that truly results in his own demise. It's not as though it didn't already happen (in the song). The song starts off with the lyrics "sometime around midnight", but I believe the chain of events don't happen in sequence. This beautiful song tells the events of a broken hearted man who sees a woman he hadn't seen in a while. At least not wearing her white dress. It just doesn't seem feasible that anybody would go to a party, or a bar, to have drinks and hangs out until after midnight, especially if there isn't any action there. However, if he sees the woman at elevenish and they begin to talk for the better part of an hour before he says something stupid around midnight when he loses himself for a minute or two; now that, I can swallow.

She must be one special lady. So, a song about a homeless man who can't stop thinking of those two minutes after midnight when he last saw his love? Or, where can I find a woman like that? Now I have to take off my shoes. My feet are hurting.

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