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Skool was really not so bad. I expected that the instructor would ask his students to tell him something about themselves and why they decided to take a computer course, so I had some idea of what I was going to say. Believe me, if I hadn't put any thought into it, I would've stuttered gibberish about goals and objectives that would've made no sense at all. So I'm glad I foresaw that little nitch, and as luck would have it, I got to be first to tell my side of the story.

Anyway, this course is difficult. I honestly can't see myself getting certified as a support technician. There are so many ways to trouble shoot problems and I feel that, unless a mac enthusiast is constantly working with the administrative tools, figuring out what the problem a person is having with their Mac is kinda like finding needles in haystacks. However, if done right, that might be fun to explore (like BDSM).

Anywho. Driving is a bear. My nerves hang from a thread. For starters, the morning drive is directly toward the sunrise, and I can't read the exit signs on the I5. I'm thinking of arriving early to school tomorrow because any little advantage I can get will help. However, that means my morning commute will be that much more challenging, unless… I would have to leave before sunrise so that traffic wouldn't be so bad, AND I wouldn't have the sun directly in my eyes. I guess that means waking up at 4AM to leave at 5AM, but I think the sun is just about peeking thru the horizon at that hour. I dunno. I dunno what the hell I'm going to do in Santa Ana at the unGodly hour of 6AM. My teacher isn't going to be there until 8AM.

I guess I could find a park and walk my daily mile. Okay. Sounds like a plan. Zzzzzzz

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