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There had not been anybody to invent embalming

Archæologists have uncovered a discovery believed to be even greater than the dead sea scrolls or the gospel of Judas Iscariot. Although DNA test results have yet to be conclusive, the sanguine perspectives of hopeful believers are convinced that the couple found embraced in death are the remains of Adam and Eve. When asked how the noesis of scholarly translators estimating a lifespan of 950 years for Adam, in biblical scripture, compares to the odds that both Adam and Eve might've died in each other's embrace, the response to uphold their testament was understood along the lines of necromancy.

Unlike the glamorized technique TV can give to such classic romance tragedies like Romeo & Juliette, this picture from the Associated Press† is straight to the point in the depiction of male and female. In other words, there is no fancy photo(shop) trickography that can deceive viewers concerning the height comparison between male to female, or even the deception of trans gendered eccentrics.

Considering that experts involved in the discovery estimate these cadavers to be 5,000 to 6,000 years old, in this day in age where fascination with death seems to publicize skeletons either as unfinished art, or sinister intimidation, this couple seems very well at ease in the sandy shore-like environment of Mantua, Italy where excavation was underway for the construction of a factory. This beaming couple are more happy now than I will ever be in my life if my current relationship status has any bearing. I believe one shouldn't be so quick to discredit the works of William Shakespeare as the investigative writer who took up the task of immortalizing a true story as fiction. Be that as it may, whether these two were christened Romeo & Juliette or Adam & Eve during their lifespan, I don't think a bond so strong as to unify two people together for such a long time exists in the vocabulary for the living.
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