Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

Who's the fat boy?

A new project has arisen in the dark dungeons of my brain. Momentarily, I'm procrastinating it. What it involves is this line of text:

3L4/ I  CT5 Ω bI hV <F f SI1

What does it all mean? I'm glad you ask, but first let's break for a few words from nobody's sponsor.

I have a certain actor in mind which I cannot place. I do not know which movie I saw him in, nor do I know if what I saw him in was a TV show. A vague recollection of a small part, either in American Graffiti or Animal House comes to mind. He plays a chubby college student loser trying to get into a frat house. He wears a beenie that looks like a kippah by structure but contains alternating bright colors. Remember Beenieboy from the cartoon Beany and Cecil? Beany wears a similar cap with a propeler on top. I just can't place this actor. At first I thought he was Ron Michaelson, the Ditech guy from the commercials that go "Oh no, I lost another one to Ditech!" but after a closer look, that's not him. Why is this important? Because I'm trying to recall a movie in which this mysterious geeky fellow has a small part. His lisp is so thick when he talks, you can hear him whistle. It's a riot.

The mish mash of numbers and letters will compose the title of "Today's Blanket Sin" cartoon. Believe it or not, when you overlay one line of text over the other, you can see the words Blanket Sin. Eventually, I'll do this in photoshop.

Sometimes I wonder whether two songs can overlay each other and sound totally different with new lyrics and secret, subliminal messaging. Kind of like the televangelists who tried to discredit HEAVY METAL by playing it backwards and claiming to hear evil incantations.


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