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There is no more santa

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What are people thinking when they strategically ponder in their minds how they will kill another person and get away with it? Now we know. They think of Santa Clause. Because he carries around a big red bag, criminals are able to conceal their weapons in it. Don't you remember when you were a little tyke and asked Dad if you could have a bb gun. I remember I did. I never got it, but the Christmas when I got a replica noise maker rifle is one I will never forget. I even created a way for it to shoot something. Mud. That's right. I would pump the rifle and then stick it into the mud to load it with a small chunk of cork mud. It wouldn't fly very far, and it wouldn't make much of an impact, other than getting whomever I had in my sites muddy, but my vivid imagination made up for all that.

When I saw the picture of the killer santa, at first he wasn't what I had imagined. The name Pardo rang a bell in my head from my days at Trade Tech. Those were lonely days. But Eric Prado always seemed to lighten everybody's mood. So, when the passport photo of Bruce Pardo appeared on TV, I thought to myself, "Damn, that guy looks a bit like Conan Nolan" but that was just my eyes playing tricks on me. When Laci Peterson was on the news, I thought Scot Peterson looked like the copy guy who supplied the office with bond paper and toner.

Despite the proverb that everyone has a double (if that is a proverb at all), I'm constantly placing names to faces of people I don't even know. There seems to be so much violence. Wars in Israel, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan, Iraq, China, Korea? This war on terrorism is not classified as a world war because of the same reasons that the recession is not a depression. What are these people waiting for? I just have to wonder what it is the heads of state are saving the term WW III before they decide to use as an explanation for the milieu.

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