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Bier de Stone

Harmonica like you've never heard before

Somebody asked me how I managed to quit smoking. My answer was teeth bleaching. I still can't quit caffeine, but at least I convinced myself that smoking would yellow my teeth faster if I did both. But I totally forgot the harmonica. I spent awhile learning to play short little riffs on my harmonica. Because lung power plays a major role in playing, I stopped smoking. A staircase leading up to Sunset off Glendale functioned as a way to measure my lung strength, as this staircase is always filthy with urine and feces. If you don't climb these stairs in one breath, you suffer the consequences of disgusting odor. So, once in a while I climb these stairs and attempt to hold my breath from start to finish.

My doctor can tell me to quit all day long. He has no influence on me. He gave me an 800 number to call which is directly linked to my HMO (in other words "free"). I called last week and the recorded message said they were closed for the holidays. WTF! I don't need no stinking patches, or nicotine gum. I have my harmonicas.

These two two YouTube vids are influential. I wish I had the sheet music to play these diddys. One is funky blues, the other is slow blues. Enjoy.

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