Bier de Stone ( wrote,
Bier de Stone

amphibians… and other creatures

I never would`ve imagined that a lizard could possibly make such a warm pet if I hadn't seen it myself when I customer walked in with a broach like object dangling from her blouse. When I asked about the life-like object, the response I got was that it was sleeping. Imagine a Cristina Ricci complexion with a small, green lizard dangling across her breast while paying at the check-out counter. The cutest thing you could ever see.

As much as I wanted to have something in common to chat about with this customer, the only thing I could come up with was a runaway turtle that I am still looking for since December 2004. Sad. I know.

Life goes on and there's plenty more fish in the sea where that came from, as the saying goes. Meanwhile, I continue to subject myself to the cruelty of a world with no taste in HEAVY METAL music at Hard Rock Cafe. There is where I find the warmth of a good meal in a healthy environment among music lovers. On a slow day, I agree, Hard Rock can be the pits. Just a place to drown your sorrows. But on the weekend, it`s filled with the most attractive gen x, y zer's imaginable.

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