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garb Revolver mentions a coffee table book called Dimebag Darrel: he came to rock. Damn, I'm not too happy with the new CDs I just bought. I would return them but Aomeba is such a rip off when it comes to trade-ins, but then again, what the hell am I going to do with them. I really need to remind myself to not shop for CDs unless I have a solid idea of what's hot. I might make up a top 20 list as copied from radio charts. Here's what Liquid Metal and Octane are playing:

  1. Death magnetic - METALLICA
  2. All hope is gone - SLIPKNOT 
  3. The way of all flesh - GOJIRA
  4. Conquer - SOULFLY
  5. The formation of damnation - TESTAMENT
  6. The march - UNEARTH
  7. The dream - IN THIS MOMENT
  8. Overcome - ALL THAT REMAINS
  9. Watershed - OPETH
  10. When skies wash ashore - STRAIGHT LINE STITCH
  11. The blackening special edition - MACHINE HEAD
  12. Godspeed on the devil's thunder - CRADLE OF FILTH
  13. The new game - MUDVAYNE
  14. Versus - THE HAUNTED
  16. Time waits for no slave - NAPALM DEATH
  17. Twilight of the thunder god - AMON AMARTH
  18. Rock the rebel - VOLBEAT
  19. Earthblood - GOD FORBID
  1. Chinese democracy - GUNS N ROSES
  2. The new game - MUDVAYNE
  3. Black ice - AC/DC
  4. Death magnetic - METALLICA
  5. Cinco diablo - SALIVA
  6. All hope is gone - SLIPKNOT
  7. Overcome - ALL THAT REMAINS
  8. Take it to the limit - HINDER
  9. The dream - IN THIS MOMENT
  10. Light it up - REV THEORY
  11. Indestructible - DISTURBED
  12. Dark horse - NICKELBACK
  13. Black butterfly - BUCKCHERRY
  14. Folklore and superstition - BLACK STONE CHERRY
  15. Our long road home - taproot
  16. The illusion of progress - STAIND
  17. Only through the pain - trapt
  18. The sound of madness - SHINEDOWN
  19. Scars on broadway - SCARS ON BROADWAY
  20. Saint of Los Angeles - MÖTLEY CRÜE 
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