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I can't get out of my head this question a friend asked me "Are you anti-semite?" becuz I had mention my intolerance to Adam Sandler. Of course, I didn't just say, I don't like Adam Sandler flicks. It was during You don't mess with the Zohan that I couldn't quite get into that I said I thought his jokes seemed Jewishy. So, before you start thinking I'm a Jew hater, let me just say I look forward to going to see Adam Resurrected. I just dunno what it was that had rubbed me the wrong way about Zohan that I said the J word. My kind of comedy is Death @ a funeral. I thought Frost/Nixon had some scenes that earned a chuckle, but that's more than I can say about the movies that feel like my arms are forcibly being raised, or my shoes are being removed. Pineapple Express comes to mind, but I didn't mind sitting thru that so much. I would've liked to join the bandwagon for the Harold and Kumar flicks, but I just haven't gotten around to those.

garb Just as Mel Gibson may have been typecast as an anti-semite film maker, I haven't seen a film affiliated with Steven Spielberg I've enjoyed since E.T. Not true, I liked Saving Private Ryan, Men in black, Poltergeist.

I use to like Jane Pauley, but her news program really bored me to sleep. When I realized that I just couldn't keep myself awake during her show, I decided that I would stop watching Dateline unless the country went to hell in a hand basket as a result of some monumental catastrophe effecting the entire nation. I just learned, however, that she retired in 2006. :( The only reason I know this is that I began to spark an interest in Dateline again as I've been hooked on reading the comic strip Doonesbury in the local newspaper for the last few weeks. I find the lives of these eccentric personalities [Pauley & Trudeau] fascinating. I wish my life could be half as good.

I'm thinking of uploading daily pix here. I have a full length mirror that I check myself out on daily for the sake of matching color schemes. I'm not comfortable with full length exposures (BTW, ever notice how most tourist photos tend to crop off people's feet?). Today I played sick. I didn't do much in the area of chores, and sat comfortably by the fire place surfing the web. What this means is I didn't bathe. I wear the same leisure clothes for 4 to 5 days before I decide it's time to toss them into the hamper. I'm wearing 4 layers in this mug shot. I've got on one long sleeve white thermal, my Slayer concert t, a sweatshirt and a sleeveless vest from Warner Brothers with a stitched emblem of Scoobey Doo.

Oh yeh, I also have on dark blue sweatpants.

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