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r u a real librarian?

I just want to take this time to reflect… Considering it is Sunday, and Tomorrow is Monday, normally I'd be saying that my weekend was too short. C'mon, who else has to work on Saturdays? Damn! I forgot to clean the house again!! But no worries. I love my job and blogging wouldn't be the same without the idea/fantasy that my affiliation with bibliotechs will one day soon reform itself for inclusion of digital publishing. If libraries weren't a major part of who I am, the concept of transformation to a raw method of expression, then I wouldn't be so gung-ho at learning html/css. Motivation is everything and while people can say to me 'learn a trade involving computers' because computers are the future, I could care less. Maybe it's ADD, but I'm really excited about going back to school on this subject now. Well, I draw the line at traditional schools. I don't have time to schedule my classes with my work schedule. That's bogus. I don't have time to be attending the same class three times a week between 9AM to 12, or 6PM TO 8PM. Screw weekends too. College sucks.

I always believed that the resources were always available for those eager to learn. Libraries. But when it comes down to messing around with the executable files in my computer as practice for what I'm studying, I'm not going to risk crashing my 'puter when I don't really know what I'm doing. For that, I can see the importance of having a teacher. I know there's a lot of hacks out there running schools that aren't really worth a damn. They get their money by conning naive people like me. Truth is, I could care less about computer science. I think what I truly seek is enough knowledge in that area, and cute nerdy chicks, so that I can be independent with my creativity.


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