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A day at Glendale

Some time ago, I went to pick up an memory stick for my camera. Uh-oh, you know what that means You may be seeing more of these sequence shots from her on end. I drove all the way out to Office Depot and when I got home, realized that the memory stick wasn't compatible. Drove all the way back and by the time everything was all right, I took a picture there at Office Depot to make certain, it was lunch time. I stopped at Islands and had a few beers with my burger.

I amaze myself at how docile I can be and get thru a whole day driving around without so much as a single utter to anybody other than the check out clerks at the places I buy stuff. That's totally wrong. Don't think I'm not miffed about that, either. And I actually sit thru stuff like this YouTube Paladin episode quite bemused.

office depot office depot
exchange for canon memory stick
Broadway at Islands Broadway at Islands
Time for a walk. I made my way from Brdwy to Brand, crossed the street and continued toward Wilson, went form Wilson, passed Orange and circled the JoAnn Fabric & Crafts building in search for the main entrance.
Infinity coupe Infinity coupe
I should know better than to take pix while facing the sun, but this was the only angle I could manage to capture the Olive Garden sign in the building across the street. I had walked from Broadway to Brand.
Pkg lot for JoAnn Pkg lot for JoAnn
After circling the building and not having much success finding the main entrance, it isn't until I come full circle that I find that the main entrance is at the south-east corner of the building.
veile fabric veile fabric
Probaby usable for a rough silkscreen template, depending on whether the material it is made from is polyester.
barcode barcode
I thought this might be useful as mesh for silkscreening. I'm not too familiar with silk printing; so I have to find out what the material is made of before I go comparison shopping.
sewing machine sewing machine
I noticed that this sewing maching is hooked up to a computer. That's way cool. I want to design something and make a patch too.
Store front Store front
In my quest to find the heart of the fashion district in Glendale, I stumble onto the these sexy mannequins that turn me on.
bebe bebe
Back in 1994, there was a place in California Mart (Fashion Mart) called bebe. Then they moved (relocated) to Glendale.

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