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I remember it as though it were yesterday when I first discovered livejournal and didn't quite know how to use it because blogging was totally foreign to me. It was the los_angeles social club community that really kept me coming back for more, and when I realized that I couldn't post a comment to one of the many entries until I gained membership, I tried desperately to look into doing that. It wasn't like I knew I could go to and just follow the instructions on creating a free membership. No, I had to ask somebody from the los_angeles community if they would send me an invitation.

Once I got my feet wet, I started on a venture to add more and more people to my f-list. "Hello, would you please add me? Please, please, please, please." I have to say, those were the good ol' days. Now, I don't know if I want to search out peeps with likes and similiarities as myself to ask for inclusion to their private/public journal as much as I would like to be added by peeps who found me to be interesting all by themselves. I mean, after all, it's easy to beg.

I think if I had a better idea of the statistics of people who blog and the odds that they will ever find me interesting would motivate to grovel a bit. To some, it isn't even considered grovelling as much as it is looked upon as networking.

So I'm taking a breather reading my book on networking. What one person considers networking, another may consider good business relations. How I'm going to get through this venture to certify myself as a… I'll shut up now.

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