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Three flicks, maybe four, I've seen are Synecdoche, NY, Wanted, Hellboy II, and one more that slips my mind. Meanwhile, I came up with a magnificent story conflict which may indeed make it easier to finish my screenplay about a guy who is riddled with guilt over having cheated on his girlfriend and suffers the consequences of being cast a hex upon by his disgruntled ex-lover/gypsy. I mean, she checks up on him once in awhile; he just doesn't recognize her when she does. How did I come up with this motivating plot twist? Wanted gave me the idea. You see, Wesley Gibson is portrayed as a workerbee accountant. Boring, monotonous, and unsatisfying job. On top of a having the most obnoxious boss, his best friend constantly calls him "the man" whenever a simple 'thank you' would suffice. His compadre is also fucking his girlfriend.

Wesley's gf is un-supportive of their living arrangement and just plain difficult to be around. So you wouldn't blame Wesley for behaving passively amidst the cohorts he interacts with, but the moment Fox enters the picture, all hell breaks loose. My take on the film. It sucked. But as I've said, it's given me precedence to take another shot at puting together a rough draft screenplay consisting of at least one hundred pages. You see, Wesley is so stressed in his life, he has to pop pills for his anxiety. A guy like that doesn't think straight and it's only natural that the most important person in his life popping in, in plain view, doesn't register in his brain. It almost seems as if he's too busy trying to hold onto his job because he might've lied about his qualifications on his job applications. Now he finds himself stuck doing everything he can to barely complete his assignments. This insignificant aspect of his life would make things easier for me to try to depict a journalist in the screenplay I've been sulking over the past couple years as I know nothing about journalism. Anyway, my main character crosses paths with his ex-girlfriend of bygone years, and I have to build up to this scene so that he seems not to recognize a second chance to make amends by making him out to be absent minded the moment she appears. Because they split up under terrible circumstances, they ended all contact what-so-ever with each other; and after so many years, he's forgotten, not only what she might resemble, after so much time transpires, but his image of her rather than what she actually like back in high school.

Hellboy was even more disappointing. Synecdoche, I could withstand watching again. I think. Yes, scratch that. No doubt about it. I mean, is there really a place in New York called Synecdoche?

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