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How r u? I feel gut. Very, verrrry gut.

I think this post`s very touching. Im considering of black nails. They might seem silly without tattoos.
      I`ve made music mixes b4. My friends seem to enjoy `em. My mixes r ideal to improve ur moshing steps in the mirror. But I`m superstitious. This song list was created just after July 2005 and is comprised of songs in bold text at my Links page.
      My dancing skills are ltd. to moshing, but I`ve never even done that b4. ;-)
      My hand/eye coordination was recently affected washing dishes at work. Check my lj blog for more info and pix. Autumn turns me off to swimming. I rarely go swimming anywhere anyway anymore. Maple leaves have a choking fuzz on one side which makes raking them near impossible. My allergy defenses simply shut down. I`ve used the 5-pointed leaf for embossing a skeleton of it in graphite as the background of a poem I printed in calligraphy. AOL duped me, and I lost the jpg file, but I have the original hard copy somewhere (if ur interested).
      This letter is long b`cuz I`m revealing everything you did which makes you :-) HAPPY. I just hope you have the patience for this short story. I love reading too. The last novel I read was The mysterious flame of Queen Loana
      I`m still trying to figure out the ending
      I rarely get around to feeding ducks at the park. I rather walk on a treadmill. But I do like digital cameras and coffee in a café house, while watching ppl walk by. This is something that perks me up, though that may be cheating cuz of all the caffeine intake. As far as public areas go for ripping out a tune, I can burst out some mean HEAVYMETAL vocals trying to discipline my dog, but you probably aren`t fond of HEAVYMETAL. For the sake of being kind to others, I don`t sing. Is this boring?
      I think driving is stressful. I love it only because public transit have cockroaches. I fantasize pretending to be blind and how I could possibly pull it off (since I drive). I imagine a miracle occurs each time I get into my car. I just think respect is shown to the blind as they walk down a street since most peeps would make an effort to get out of their way.
      So here are the points I`ve yet to address:
5) I like smiling to portray pleasantness.
7) Lennon is touring next year and may perform on the west coast.
8) I originally wanted to draw an "E" in calligraphy
9) Remembering your b`day is going to be ez. R U scorpio/capricorn?
10) Kids are nice and I always wanted them.
14) I did that just the other day, but I don`t plan them out well. Maybe BBQs are more my speed.
21) I feel that love is unobtainable unless I find somebody who reminds me of my high-school sweetheart. I just won`t allow it with anybody else.
24) I don`t have a backyard, though I wish I did. I like basking under the sun on chilly Autumn/winter days. West Nile & being out at night (on a warm summers eve) creeps me out.

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