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December Mondays don't mix

One of the lines I'm supposed to remember for this year's x-mas party is "What day is it?" which shouldn't be hard because I'm never certain what day of the week I'm living in when asked. How I manage to get myself to work on the day's I'm scheduled to work is just as miraculous as raising the dead. I don't think I ever wrote about the wicked witch of the West (Jean), but I seem to have raised from the dead the wicked witch of the East. As my co-workers have indicated, this person I'm referring to only has it in for ME, and no one else. Sucks.

The other day, I'm being watched like a hawk, and out from leftfield comes a hollering wicked witch of the East claiming that I'm not doing my duty to follow instructions. I'm commanded to follow her to the manager like I'm some sort of disobedient mutt who just peed on the carpet. The only reason I don't name names here is simply because I reserve the right to say this major B is acting like she has a thorn up her ass.

It's never fun to work under these conditions. I'm keeping note of this kind of treatment because that's the only thing I can do. I touched base with my neighboring cubicle co-worker about whether she felt that she was being dumped other people's work load. Her answer was "No". That's my proof that the wicked witch of the East is alive and well. Who else keeps track of their co-workers in this manner (if not trying to settle a complaint from another employee)? And the hollering disrespectful manner in which commands were spitted my way "do this NOW! (before I whip out my broom)". Fucking bitch.
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