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How weird

How weird. It never seems to fail that the worst day of the year for me is the 18 of December. Though I don`t recall last year being so bad, I usually try to not show up for work on this day. Oddly enough, Friday the 13 doesn`t effect me one bit like December 18. Several friends seem to have estranged me today, and the blogger I like to frequent has a photo of a couple of gay guys casually sitting side by side with their Full Monty hanging down. Though I`m not one to abandon Theresa Duncan, I`m sure the percentage of her readers that are enjoying the nude photos she posts at Wit of the staircase by far exceeds the ones who cringe at the homosexual pix.
      I don`t mind the photo so much as I would if the content of her other interesting comments might take an alternate perspective. How odd that I should scare away a budding zinester ____watercolors after only a few minutes of chit-chat, though. While I was cooking my dinner, I would run back & forth to my puter to answer some idle questions in her blog. Then, one moment later, poof, she unfriends me. Maybe it`s for the best. My math is horrible and I couldn`t quite make out her young age by the year she had spec`ed on her info page. I just don`t think straight, I guess, under these December 18 conditions, but I`ll be damned if that isn`t a record for making somebody feel uncomfortable around me.
      I don`t know if ____watercolors removed/erased my reply to her February 25 entry, but that one took me all morning to compose and I thought it nice to attach a pic of me. So, all you curious peeps who`ve been wondering what I could possibly look like, you might be able to see my pic in her entry for 25 Feb 2005. Look for the response made on this dreaded day.

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