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I've got too many books

I've reached that point where my books start piling up at home and they become at risk of being misplaced. So I decided to start weeding those I'm just not going to get around to reading. There's a lot more from this list that needs to get returned to the library, but I can only carry so much to work. Next week I'll return another batch and update this entry

Future Reading

  • Hindley, Geoffrey 770 H662 Working with light-sensitive materials
  • Schwalbach, Mathilda 747.31 S398 Screen-process printing for the serigrapher &...
  • Fossett, R. O. 774 F752 Screen printing photographic techniques
  • Bell, Mark R. 510.78P B364Be BBEdit 4 for Macintosh
  • Meyers, Michael, All-in-one network+ certification exam guide
  • Rampling, Blair DNS for dummies
  • O'Malley, Kevin Programming Mac OS X : a guide for UNIX devel...
  • Pepple, Ken Migrating to the Solaris operating system : t...
  • Regan, Patrick E Acing the network + certification exam
  • Long, Larry E Home networking demystified
  • Robbins, Arnold 510.78S U61Robb 2005 UNIX in a nutshell
  • Kinsey, Anthony 747.31 K56 Introducing screen printing
  • Meloni, Julie C. 510.78L P575Mel-1 2007 Sam's teach yourself PHP, MySQL, and Apache
  • Unix system administration handbook
  • Ray, Deborah S. Visual quickstart guide: Unix 3rd edition
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