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Band of America ATMs

I seem to recall having done a meme like this before and hardly anybody, if anyone, responded. For that I am thankful this Thanksgiving. Above I post a picture of the fancy, new ATM machines at the BofA. I always had a preference to the ATM machines at Citibank because they were quick and easy. You know, like when you're expected to swipe a card at the check out stand, or dip a card at the gas station. None of this Remember to pull my card out afterwards repeating in the back of my head when I'm withdrawing cash.

Today I made a deposit. I got a check for $15 and since I've gotten direct deposit, I've become so spoiled that I sometimes neglect my paper checks and lose them or bury them under unimportant clutter. But today I remember and it's what I did during my lunch hour. As I fumbled in search for an envelope to insert my check into, I read the sign that says: NO MORE ENVELOPE REQUIRED. FAST & EASY As long as one inserts a check in the direction indicated by the instructions, checks are not only deposited, they are photocopied and displayed on your deposit receipt. I like that. I like BofA ATM machines now. Yummy. The café next door make good, healthy sandwiches too. They got wifi. Across the street is the new place being built where I wish I can someday land a job. I'll stop rambling now. Hopefully, you stopped reading at the last couple sentences.


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