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Fast talking teens

B rick was one of those films that you just have to watch again because it didn't seep in the first time around. Normally, in a film that contains this flavor of angst, the need to see it again lies in bizarre undertakings that just seemed too far off the wall to register. This film, however, uses slang to throw off their audience. I enjoyed the movie a whole lot better when I set the CSS1 subtitles on, although some scenes contain rapid talking with little time to absorb what was said. When you get a chance to slow it down a bit, the dialog seems to have a story plot after all.

I think I recall only two adults in the entire movie. One was a school principle, and the other was a student parent. Of course, there are older characters than teens ranging in the mid 20s, but the impression this scandalous flick instills is immaturity in age, and premature aging in youth. Noah Fleiss' character was hard not to imagine in a sequel as a victim of Downs Syndrome. I'm totally looking forward to seeing him act again in 11:11.

This film was rated R for violence and drug content. You know how the MPAA is rating everything R that glamorizes smoking, well this film glamorizes drugs. But you'd hardly know if you didn't turn your subtitles on because teens like these have a language all their own. It's like gangsta rap almost. Yet, behind all the machismo that dominates the primary conflict, which is labeled "violent", a hero is born. The hero I speak of is very much like an unknown soldier, for without his youth, his heroic ambivalence cease to exist. I don't know that this movie is as much designed to be seen by teenagers as it is to be seen by adults, for we all know teens who relate to rebelliousness will be sitting in for this kind of action regardless.

Is it a dark movie, though? Yes. Very. We don't want to know what becomes of Brendan Frye. We want to think of him whenever we stumble upon a Frye, or whenever we meet a Brendan. As for Em Kostich <sp>, without spoiling this for everyone, their's a crack in her voice during the lines said by phone which ring in my ears like a chorus sung from a song on a MEAT LOAF CD.

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