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The office

Yesterday's episode of The office was about Kelly Kapoor, I don't care what anybody else says. I been angling to revisit my ol' friends from this sitcom since the writers' strike when I totally decided to stop tuning in, not because I have some secret moral issue with the WGA, but because Kelly broke up with B.J. and I wanted to see more of her in this show. I knew what the split up meant for Mindy's character. It meant fewer episodes would spotlight her in scenes from the office, and I never quite got over her role in The 40 year old virgin. Great stuff.

Leecha, who's been teasing me about getting herself an lj account, says she's friends with Darryl (Craig Robinson) and she liked the show when Kelly and his character were an item. I stuck my foot in my mouth saying I'd called NBC about my disappointment over the breakup between B.J. and Kelly so much so that I banned the show from my TiVo. Obviously, it was Leecha who whispered to Craig that she knew she could get The office one additional viewer for their ratings if Darryl would only allow B.J. (Brian?) to woo Kelly again. What is it about office romance that makes this show seem appealing?

I'm concerned about Michael. He seems reckless now that he's lost Jan Levinson. I'm anxiously watching for dismay in the relationship between Pam and Jim because I think Pam looks cute when she's upset. Will Dwight, Angela and Toby ever agree to a threesome? Having tuned in early (to NBC), I caught a glimpse of My name is Earl in which a fart gag is played out with Earl lying restlessly in bed with his wife. Sound effects, no doubt. Booger scenes, if I ever manage to see one, might involve CGI or synthetic slime, since the real thing would only come off looking half real for the humiliation it would induce. WTF am I talking about? Threesomes haven't been portrayed yet, though Big love came perilously close. Would The office be the practical place to film such a generational breakthrough?

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