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Friend o`mine said I might benefit by the free seminars that apple store offers for various stuffs. You know, mp3, vlogging, garage band, itunes, podcasting, etc. It's my opinion that the main focus of these tutorial courses are to instruct the user on the tips and trick of the software being learned. Kind of like a FAQ course. But my computer isn't so very new anymore, and it isn't running the latest OS, not to mention all the cool bundled goodies that came with it, and I'm having a hard time finding courses to take that hold my interest.

I called some of the authorized Apple dealers closest to L.A. to inquire about the courses I'm interested in and they described three of them. And of course, there is a prerequisite course I'm expected to take before I attempt to take the other two, but the good news is that after I successfully take these courses, I'm elligible to take an exam with Apple and get certified as an authorized technician (or something similar). I'm seriously considering doing this, unless somebody talks me out of it, of course. I can think of a lot of fun things to do with my time and money instead.

I can take a trip to Hawaii and go celeb spotting while I learn to dodge sharks and surf at the same time. I can take one of those cruises to Alaska (I don't know why, though). I can make plans to travel to New York for New Years Eve. Mexico might be nice too.

We'll see what I decide. I'm not having much luck with just reading because I get splitting headaches and I'm too chicken to try to run some of the codes and commands on my computer to get a better idea of what happens.

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