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2 gigs, but I can't figure out this domain biz

Last time I posted here, I was excited that I'd gotten my own hosting space thru godaddy. While it would be great to use that enormous amount of memory for pix, flix, and what not, I want to build a Vanilla site, but it seems that my technical know how is just not ready. I'm developing headaches and making myself depressed with want of sleep. Zzzzz.

The little vanilla site seems people friendly with lots of helpful tips to make your own Vanilla space look just like the others. But still, I'm exhausted. Who pays any attention to those IP numbers, anyway? What a rude awakening to bring such pertinent details to my attention like a brick wall. Meanwhile, godaddy tried to help out by suggesting some of their own dynamic applications, but the whole point of this venture is to DIY. That's why I'm so dead set in using Rebol as a programming script. It has a cool ring to it too.

This reminds me when I first started taking classes at college. Even the curriculum for History was overwhelming and I only managed to receive a D, which is an F in serious student talk. I took the same class over again years later and pulled a C. I never was fond of reading until I landed my current job in a small facet of the publishing industry (library). Heh, that's my silly way of rewording stuff so that people might think I'm a publisher or something creative like a journalist.

I don't like the idea of going back to school. I'm so spoiled with spare time on my hands, I can't imagine driving all the way out to some school campus and taking a seat in a room full of "young" strangers. Even if it did mean I would save time and money by asking questions rather than trying to figure it all out on my own. Anyway… I'm gonna catch a movie tonight. Maybe fill up on some junk food.

The cartoon I had planned for today's Blanket Sin was not completed due to a lack of a visual. The concept was, Obama wins! and the focus of his middle name "Hussein" functioning as some kind of compensation for a country's rush to war under false pretense. How do you visualize something like that? Then there's that prop 8 thing. While it's the conviction of a clergyman to explain himself effectively over why homosexual commitments should not be acknowledged in the eyes of god, the news programming station accustommed in letting their reporters interview citizens willing to share their opinions on the subject come out sounding like people are insatiating themselves with the new prejudice. It just seems like citizens on TV lack a personal vendetta against gays to be saying stuff like God meant humans to be paired in a prosperous nature. Anyway, somehow I was going to implement that into the editorial cartoon with a hint of Henry II being spanked in the ass.

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