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Bier de Stone

Last night's REM dream

JC had called on my mom's telephone. She nagged me that I should say hello, but at first I got the impression he was visiting so I started for her house.

On the phone he'd asked me if I remember who the relative was that had visited the last time JC had been over for dinner. I recalled the moment but couldn't remember. I went to talk to my dad and ask him. He was about to write down on a slip of paper the name of the relative when he was hit by a pain of arthritis. In the process of asking, I accidentally disconnected the call.

After Dad had recovered, I asked him to just tell me who they were (the thin man with glasses who always reminded me of James Wood). Dad began to tell me the story when he first met this man. I asked if he had the same last name. Dad told me he had told him he was family, but later in the ongoing kinship relationship, he (James Wood double) revealed that his last name was indeed Martinez and he laughed in a chide. "ha ha ha, I had you going. You thought my last name was the same as yours." At this, my father cringed. He was hurt to recall these memories.

Later that night, somebody comes knocking on my door; a group of media representatives from NBC. I ask if they knew Ana Garcia and that I wanted to meet her (first, before answering any question from the survey it seemed that they were soliciting). They chide amongst themselves as different reps approached my door to get involved, some higher in the corporate chain of command than the others. A blackberry device like contraption is used to do a google search for the name Ana Garcia (chidingly) in combination with other boolean search terms (my name: slavezombie). The lower in rank NBC rep hesitates before she hits the button as she ponders for more keywords to include in the search. I reach over and press for her. She prints it (in a portable label printer and I'm handed my copy. Bizarre events had preceded these chain of events in the dream. I can't remember what they were. Disturbing, for sure.
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