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Bier de Stone enters chaotic inference over FOI act

And this is why I will not vote for a winner in the general elections

The operator who answers the telephone for customer service sounds really sexy at the post office. I went to the local yokel


… for the simplest task. I almost felt as if I was wasting my time as there's a mail box at the corner from where I work. I figured I have an hour to kill for lunch, so I would visit the nearest US Post Office.

After waiting in line, I am met by King Philip whom with thick native accent explains to me that the next dispatch would be at 4PM and that he could assure me that my letter would be postmarked with today's date. It's not that I didn't trust him, or that I'm a grumpy ol` fogy, but I asked him to return to me my letter so that I could drop it off myself.

Long story short… I drive out to another post office at top speed. After the clerk accommodates my request there (with a lashing of my whip that I keep in the trunk of my car. "Post mark it, slut!!"), I began to wonder WTF? i thought all post offices were supposed to provide simple services like that. I plan out my next strategy for a quick lunch order at the Beef Bowl, but the left turn arrow signal on Glnd and S.F. doesn't turn green. I'm sitting in line there for another five minutes before I make a u-turn and ponder a change of plan for lunch. Hard Times came thru in a clutch. I sat there waiting for my Eggplant parmesan sandwich listening to a hi-def version of KLOS rock music and reading the metro section of today's newspaper on a mafia segment they've been running the last couple days.

huh? sorry, i'm confused..

Heh. Glad I'm not the only one.
In my haste to get this entry up before my blood cooled down, I found it difficult to appeal to this los_angeles community of readers without sounding at fault. Basically, I needed a post office clerk to use their pretty red stamp to cancel out the postage I had affixed onto my letter with today's date on it (in front of me, where I stand). Call me a slave driver, but that's one of the services I believe people are within their rights to ask. Afterwards, I felt a bit descriminated against simply because I don't speak Tagalog. Anyway, the post office in Atwater were able to help me, but nothing seemed to be going my way with the traffic signal stalled and a build up of left turn drivers creating a convoy. As it happens, I was sending in my application to vote by mail as today was the last day to submit this. Ironically, I felt this was the beginning of a fixed election. I just anticipate something more to happen to disqualify my vote, although my vote won't be making a difference since I no vote Obama and I no vote McCain.

Afterwards, I felt a bit descriminated against simply because I don't speak Tagalog. More likely because you referred to them as "slut." But that may just be me...
Yes, I know. Attitude makes all the difference in public service. Had I approached the clerk with a pleading gesture, knowing I was asking them to go out of their way instead of being grumpy that I had to stand in line when I could've just dropped the thing into a mail box, the clerk would then have heard the word "please". I'm working on that.

the presidential election isn't the only thing on the ballot.

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I'm voting no 8 and yes 2. I doubt the gay community would socially accept my vote. I do it for the wrong reasons. I don't think they should think there be a need to marry, and it grosses me out (in general). But weighing that against the grudge I have against the church, if the minimum amount of support I need is to simply cast a ballot (correctly and without mistakes so it isn't disqualified), then homosexuality wins. As far as farm animals. Yes, I think farmers need to raise them like pets so I can eat them once the chickens think life is good and prosperous.

They have a simple date stamp they could have used. A lot of postal workers are slow assholes who could care less about customer service.

uh, right. it doesn't sound like this poster actually went to a US post office to begin with. "glassell"?
That's what I asked the clerk when he told me, POSTAL CLERK "We cannot do that here. We have a dispatch at four where we send the mail and they are the ones who will postmark your letter". ME Oh… This isn't a post office? POSTAL CLERK Yes it is, but we cannot postmark your letter. I honestly feel the reason was because I didn't say please. ME Well, why not? If I buy the postage from you, don't you use a Pitney Bowes machine to print out the postage? POSTAL CLERK No, we don't. ME Oh, you use regular stamps? POSTAL CLERK Look let me show you. He grabs a handful of letters from a basket and show me that they all have non-profit-like postage stamps affixed to them, and, of course, nothing in the stack is postmarked. I believe this particular clerk who was helping me didn't recognize the two 21¢ stamps I affixed to my letter and therefore wasn't certain whether I was trying to pull a fast one over him.
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