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Zine (pronounced like sign)

I'm gonna try something different. It'll still be nerdy/geeky (i don't know what to make of myself), but it might prove to be productive. One thing is certain, when I pronounce the word zine (like seen), and am corrected by the zine community, I feel so uneducated. So, to get back at the corrupt nature of the English language for making me feel like a fool all the time, I'm taking a poll (in the form of a cookie for unsuspecting web surfers). It all innocently involves hitometers.

Here's the plan: I'm constantly finding new and interesting zines being published for $1+ or trade. However, because I rarely buy on-line, or mail order, and because my e-zine is available digitally, I find that a lot of zinesters don't allow trading for publications in .pdf format. In other words, I'm expected to print my zine and send it off via snail mail before I can qualify for a copy of their zine. How crude is that?

So, I developed a way to incorporate a counter on my frei zine schein, forgive my German grammar, to see just how many peeps out there I encounter. I don't expect anything in return and including the link for my current zine Pilcrow News No.9 would probably render this experiment useless here as I don't intend to include a return address where trade-in zines can be mailed. It isn't fool proof, but I'm bored and thought I would be creative in a Pointdexter sorta way.

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