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Sprint software

I managed to upload the CDROM with software for the PC to make it capable of recognizing my phone. I also uploaded four CDs - The Delgados' HATE, Juday Priest's NOSTRADAMUS, Mötley Crüe's SAINTS OF L.A., and Alice Cooper's ALONG CAME A SPIDER. Here's my predicament. None of these albums successfully uploaded to the C drive with their song titles in tact. Now I have several different folders with songs that are described as "track 1 of 10, track 2 of 10" etc. Is this why I still love my Mac? even though there's no way in hell I'll ever get it to recognize the phone?

After a few hours of hacking away at it, I finally figured out how the syncing software works for transfering C: drive music files to the phone. I couldn't transfer everything because the computer would stop whenever it came to a file that duplicated another one. So track 1 of the Mötley Crüe's CD is track 1 of 13 and track 1 of the Delgados' CD is track 1 of 13. DO YOU WANT TO OVERWRITE? Yes, No, Cancel, WTF?


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