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My thoughts exactly

Several books passed my hands on the subject of music mixing. I don`t consider myself an effective mixer, but I did find a mix containing the bold song titles from my Links page. Since I`ve been browsing lj, reading others` blogs, learning the ins & outs of lj features, it`s come to my attention that most of the time that I type into my blog, I`m rarely playing music. Either way, the CD/radio that`s usually on can be boring. The songs I own, or whatever the radio plays simply repeat too often, a results of radio playback and my lack of buying skills. I`m thinking of a way to spend more time "signed on" when Joan`s boombox is on and spinning my CD collection (titles I`m familiar with) because…


… Uhm, I can build mixes by increasing my entries. Depending on my moods, I`ll be watching what I listen to (when Karen`s not around), and linking these titles, preferably of NEW stuff, with my mood avatars. I doubt this is going to make me a competent MC, or DJ, at neighboring wedding receptions, bar mitzvahs, or quincenieras, but at least I`ll be getting in touch w/ my emotions. And that`s no easy trick!
          I still can`t find my missing Cradle of filth CD. That disc either fell out of my car or, like today when I was brainwashed into believing that I read the PR schedule at work dyslexically, somebody used a slim-jim and is kindly going to return my CD in a place I don`t expect to find it, just to try to drive me crazy.
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