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Humor in the news

I'm vegging out in front of the TV. I'm watching my favorite news channel at 11 when one of the news stories is about a cat fight filmed in a home movie fashion. It reminds me of the home movie community event vids that I'd heard NBC was soliciting of their devoted audience. Anyways, just before they break for a commercial, they tease the audience a bit by showing parts of the video where two girls are going at each other the way girls do when they fight. When we return from the commercial break, it's obvious that the white girl is completely bitch slapping the brunette.

Then, the brunette's mother steps in and grabs a hand full of the blond girl's hair and simply removes her from atop her daughter, much the same way that a cat would carry her brood by the neck. When the blond girl he set down at a safe distance from her opponent, and released, her racing blood simply gets the best of her as she attempts to stand her ground against the towering, overweight mother who simply bitch slaps the blond.

I start lol like a complete maniac with little morals about such things. I check myself and realize what an ass I must be having experienced a similar experience not just much older than the girls who were fighting are, and Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams have a completely straight face. I calm down and manage to control my insanity. We get on to the next segment of news, something about who the hell knows, when I visualize the thing all over again and start busting up. Again, I see Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams don't flinch or flitter. WTF? That was funny stuff!

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