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Oh my god, I'm putting myself to sleep

I'm working on my October, issue 9, of ¶News zine and I've got all 25 pages complete with the exception of three or four columns. I'm tired of typesetting this thing and foresee the unexpected crash of my software as a result of constant moving around of text blocks. I save my stuff after every 15 minutes of work in fear that all those hours I already put in will be in vain. All I'm really doing is pulling text from my lj entries and I find myself questioning whether I already used one or two entries on another page. To keep my stuff from being published twice, I only browse old entries dating back to the date when I came out with (issue 8).

Twenty-five pages is a lot of work. I'm not even proofreading it. WYSIWYG. I had in mind to publish this thing in .pdf format with hotlinks cross reference as footers with actual URL addresses. If anything, that's why this is taking so long. It would be nice to read thru the whole thing in search for typos and what not, but all that does is make me sleepy.

I still have a deadline of Friday 9:00AM for my brigits_flame participation. Apparently I got enough votes on my skit about "there it goes" which was the topic that BF instigated be used in the first sentence of entry 1. As the days roll by, obtaining votes gets harder and harder in the elimination process. This week's topic is "fuel". If anything, I should be reeling with ideas about this topic. I'm throwing a blank, though.
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