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Say it isn't true, Sue.

Back in oh `5, I was intrigued by wikis. It was, after all, my first experience with html. I was stupified at how I could make changes to the letters by making them bold using the <b> tag and what not. I was leary of downloading entire software packages for "free" because my know-how in the technical jargon of installation procedures was limited. But I gave it a shot anyway, just because it seemed easy to do. I was discovering so many other users profiles by peeps who went thru the process themselves and gave the impression that the software was legit (no viruses attached).

I'd been putting off bringing my old laptop to work because, well, it's old. But when I forgot my laptop at home and found myself lugging around an empty computer carrying case, I thought to myself, these clothes clash with my "purse". I went home for lunch that day, and out of punishment for not even noticing that I had left the house with a back that was 5 pounds lighter, I toted the old 'puter to work.

My race home on the freeway also encounter a skin head riding an SUV who wasn't too keen on letting me change lanes in front of me and flipped me off with the middle finger. Asshole.

Anyway, I worked on the Vanilla.6.2 project all afternoon and stayed at work a while longer. I didn't want to leave until I found a good breaking point. Back at home, I started up again with the Vanilla.6.2 project because I just felt I was so close. I didn't go to bed until 2AM with the accomplishment of getting a whole lot further than I did back in oh-`5. Fortunately I didn't have to go to work until mid morning the next day.

Prospects look good that I'll get the thing up and running, but my next hurdle will be getting a domain name. Right now, I feel that achieving this installation will allow me to have a domain name of my own (for free), but that just shows how naive I still am about web design.

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