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Remember Nixon

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Knowledge of the 1972 elections might help those undecided citizens in selecting a candidate. Personally, I fall under that category. I'm neither for or against whomever. Time magazine's '72 issue following the elections show Nixon as the winner. How could American's have been so wrong? Or is it the blood lust in us that truly wants to elect the greater of two evils so that the Americans can then impeach him. Gallup polls are showing Obama with a ten point lead which is not even half of what Nixon had in 1972, but since we all pretty much know about Nixon, it's hard to say whether the polls were all that accurate.

The coverage in the magazines describes the younger generation of voters as fearing McGovern, plus, the African-American voters had been pulling for McGovern. You want my opinion? I didn't think so. I like to think my vote counts more in my editorial cartoons.

Today I'm looking at failure to communicate, as it seems McCain is accused of this after conveniently ignoring his debating opponent. Am I straying too far if I said 'most people love kids. They're cute and darling.' and that's why politicians use them during their campaigning. They kiss every child/infant within reach. So I agree that network TV should protect kids from the harsh truths of adult language and situations by editing movies for content. Even at all hours of the night. FCC officials have gone on record as saying that it is only the local networks that they're concerned with; the cable networks can continue to air raunchy, cheap thrills. But isn't MSNBC a cable station? What about CNN? Did McCain know he'd be addressing children? And if so, does he expect them to influence their parents to vote? I think they will because parenthood does some weird stuff to people's values. The future belongs to their children.

So how are American's expected to believe what these network news stations have to say if they don't talk in our middle class language? No wonder voters sometimes get their vote wrong. It isn't the nature of the beast. It's the lies. The lies about protecting children from strong language even though it's children who reach adolescence that use the "F" word in every other sentence.

OK. Maybe not all teenagers are smut mouths. And maybe adults get off using the English language in such a way that combine syllables between words of sentences for the effect of creating hidden derogatory remarks. Now that texting has made acronyms a popular means to communicate with cell phones, "f-u" might be interpreted as the "F" word. So, when I say "If you don't have your meat, how do you expect to have your pudding?", this might be interpreted as "Fuck you! Don't have you're meat. How do you expect to? Have your pudding." Is it just me, or did anybody else feel that Barney Frank was using this technique of linguistics to address the hurt feelings of the republicans when he used the word "imputing"?

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