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Big Decision on shows to watch

A while back I was glued on to the IFC show The minor accomplishment of Jackie somebody or another because the show revolved around wannabe writers. Who here, with aspirations in wariting, wouldn't tune in to something like that? There comes a time when a person just has to go with the flow and tune in on the stuff that's popular, because, in the end, Jackie Woodman is going to smother away. Enter Flight of the Conchords, a show about two musicians from New Zealand trying to make it big in New York.

Every episode of this show I hang on to see the bit part Kristen Schaal plays. She was interviewed in the LA Times the other day in

She's a touch quirky by Mindy Farabee, 10/1/8 §E3
Some yet to be released info on her acting career may place her in small roles next summer in films produced by high profile studios. One of which may even contain Anjelica Huston!

One would not expect for an article in the newspaper containing quotes by a comedienne would make you laugh, but I found myself lol a this:

Acting-wise, I'd love to do it all. If they would let me, but you know, they probably won't,… In the dramas they always want a really beautiful woman crying, a really beautiful woman being victimized, with a tear falling down her high cheekbone. I think it might be too pathetic if a tear fell down my cheekbone. It might be too sad. You don't want to be like, 'Just kill her.'

You gotta love a woman who can see herself in this kind of humor. Plus, in her spare time Kristen writes for South Park, compilations of short stories for a book she's working on and movie scripts with partner Kurt Braunohler. In light of these writing projects revealed about Schaal, the chances of me leaving the audience for newer and better shows is minimal.

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