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Running mate debate-laughing chides embark remarks

I'm sitting there in front of the boob tube trying to make out… er, follow the sentences of what is being said. It's true, I guess, that when women speak, they use a frequency that men cannot fully grasp. Is the governor really that much smarter than me? Many of her answers appeared too scholastic for my simple mind. And that inference about the troops? that they wouldn't like hearing Biden's position on the war? It'd followed his disclosure of losing his wife and daughter. It seemed as though he was going to let himself shed a tear while repressing himself to delve further into his private life, repeating "I understand. I understand". Oh, how sad. And here I was thinking that McCain was the perfect candidate to put things in perspective for me.

I convinced myself that his swollen cheek was a result of constant beatings when he was a POW.

The only thing that could've made this debate the perfect tragedy of lost hope would've been if Biden's family didn't come up on stage at the end. I could see it in my mind how the governor's family would come up to greet and comfort Palin on the side, but Biden just bide his time trying to seem unaffected at the harsh loneliness fate bestowed upon him. He would have to have not re-married to be able to pull this off, of course. Perhaps Biden and I feel that December 18 is the unluckiest day of the year. Years ago I decided that Friday the 13th is my favorite day. Regardless of whether one's spouse would've wanted their partner to continue living and find somebody else, I believe in order to see the world thru the anger and hate some people have criticized me as bearing, one needs to cleans themselves in grief. Whether this spiritual purification makes a better person is anybody's guess. I just need to know that somebody with vengeance in his heart will be elected to lead the country.

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