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EESA bill branded as bailout

This is my take on the hubbub going on in the senate. I personally never understood senate shit and house crap, how the democrats have control of the house, etc. but it seems obvious to me that it is a republican bill which is asking for $700KKK.

That Universal Health Care or Obama's version of it would throw off kilter the insurance industry, does it seem ironic that the mortgage loan industry would be feeling the brunt of the economic blowout? What I mean is, it sounds like the republicans are abusing their power in legislating by intruducing a ludicrous bill asking for so much money almost as though they expected it to be vetoed (or whatever it was the house did to id to make it die). If the republican party had an honest spokesperson, I think he/she would say in a sarcastic tone, "See? And you guys [Americans] think that Obama's plan for 'change' is going to be received positively? Open your eyes. Universal Health Care is BS!"

…for a secure retirement, for the education of their children, for jobs and small business credit.

I was listening to Nancy Pelosi's press conference (on C-Span) after the voting took place and recall an obiter dictum come from her lips stating something about rewriting (editing) the bill. Somewhere in this train of thought, she had suggested $34KKK (give or take 1KKK) to be allotted for education.

                    700,000,000,000.00 BAILOUT

                 -   34,000,000,000.00 EDUCATION FUND
                   $666 KKK
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